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Investment Philosophy

At Westgate Wealth, we employ a truly holistic approach to wealth management. We strive to ensure that the investment assets of our clients work in harmony with their long term financial plan.

Core and Satellite

The Core and Satellite Philosophy is one that is strategically utilized by institutional investors and affluent families. The Core is comprised of traditional holdings such as equities and fixed income instruments. The Satellite positions offer exposure to asset classes and non-correlated returns that produce different return spectrums. The asset class components include private equity, real estate, infrastructure and alternative funds. The combination of the Core and Satellite positions drive portfolios to produce strong, long-term results.


Portfolio Objectives

At the center of our comprehensive financial planning, is a customized consulting process that is supported by our ongoing review to ensure your portfolio meets your financial planning goals.

1.     We evaluate and analyze your unique financial situation. We start by determining your unique financial goals, needs and time horizon all within the framework of a complex and changing tax, regulatory and economic landscape. We also consider and accommodate your particular constraints, such as financial, legal, regulatory or social considerations.

2.     We work diligently to ensure that you have the optimal asset allocation to help achieve your financial goals. After we have a thorough understanding of your financial situation, we guide the investment manager selection. Our framework, driven by time-tested financial planning principles seeks to realize the full potential of your asset mix by verifying that your risk and reward are balanced to achieve your objectives.

3.     We ensure that all Westgate Wealth Management clients have a written Investment Policy Statement (IPS). This is uniquely crafted by the investment manager to guide the long-term investment strategy for your portfolio. The IPS is a critical tool used in the financial planning process. Your personalized IPS defines the guiding principles for the management of your wealth. It is unique to the specific needs, time horizon and risk tolerance you establish. Your IPS is a working document that will change in accordance with any changes made to the variables described above.

Portfolio Review

Our thorough analysis, driven by our financial planning process, aims to ensure that our clients achieve their defined objectives. Our detailed procedures cover multiple facets of performance analysis with the focus on achieving your near and longer-term financial planning goals. Our experience and time tested approach seeks to measure the performance results of every investment manager. This consistent and dependable process verifies and details performance goals relative to your predetermined and established benchmarks and guidelines.